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These New Mobile Games Let You Play Your Favorite Anime

Enter the world of takt op in one of the latest anime mobile games to go global!

Mobile games based on anime are becoming more and more popular. Sadly for global audiences, whether or not a game will get picked up is anyone’s guess. And those that do sometimes don’t make it on a global server very long. Fortunately, if you’re hungry for some anime-based gameplay, there are new titles going global right now!

Prepare to dive into this trio of games on your smartphone, based on recent hit anime titles. Which ones will you be trying?


Black Clover M: Rise of the Wizard King

Black Clover M: Rise of the Wizard King

Yuuki Tabata’s Black Clover took the manga world by storm, and conquered the anime world not long after. The Shonen Jump title follows orphans Yuno and Asta—wielding powerful magic and anti-magic, respectively. Their rivalry as they each strive to become the Wizard King has enchanted audiences. And now, a new mobile game puts that journey in the palm of your hand.

Black Clover M: Rise of the Wizard King has opened global pre-registrations. When the game launches, you’ll be able to gather a party of familiar characters and explore the series’s magical setting for yourself. Asta’s aspirations are now yours!


Laid-Back Camp All-in-one!!

Laid-Back Camp All-in-One!

The first-ever mobile game based on cozy camping series Laid-Back Camp has been put off a few times. Now, gamers can enjoy the vibes of Rin and Nadeshiko’s outdoor adventures, no matter where they are in the world! Laid-Back Camp All-in-one!! has launched globally, bringing the charm of the series with it.

Gather your gear and virtually explore beautiful real-world campsites in-game. Plus, you can cook up a variety of tasty dishes made to be enjoyed in the great outdoors. And, of course, you’ll encounter all your favorite characters from the original series.


takt op. Symphony

takt op.Symphony

Originally launched as a media mix series, takt op. asks the eternal question: “What if classical music compositions were cute anime girls?” We’ve seen the anime branch of the project, and now we take the reins with the launch of takt op. SymphonyThe mobile game carries on from the anime, which served as a prequel to the playable adventure.

In the game, we take the role of Takt Asahina: a conductor who oversees girls known as Musicarts. These girls, instilled with the power of classical music, await the awakening of their conductor so they can be led into battle. This game will put you in charge of Musicarts based on everything from “Ride of the Valkyries” to “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.”

Speaking of anime girls, these are scarier than they look!

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