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takt op. Destiny Trailer Shares Opening Theme Song, Character Voices

takt op. Destiny will debut on Japanese TV at midnight on October 6 (technically labeled October 5), and ahead of this a trailer has been released that lets us hear the opening theme song and some of the voices.

The opening theme song is called “Takt” and performed by Mafumafu & gaku. It was written by ryo. Meanwhile, the ending theme song is titled “Symphonia” and performed by Mika Nakashima.

The anime is being made at MAPPA and Madhouse, with Yuuki Itoh of Granblue Fantasy the Animation working as the director. The story is set in the future, in the year 2047, and occurs in America. Monsters known as 2D have prohibited music, but certain women’s musical skills can fight the monsters.

Kouki Uchiyama plays Takt Asahina, Shion Wakayama plays Destiny, Kaede Hondo plays Anna Schneider, Miku Itō plays Titan, Satoshi Hino plays Lenny, Inori Minase plays Heaven, Reina Ueda plays Hell, Daisuke Namikawa plays Shindler, and Eiji Hanawa plays Sagan.

Credit for the original work goes to DeNA and Ouji Hiroi, the latter of whom created Sakura Wars. The task of series scripts goes to Kiyoko Yoshimura, who has previously worked on The God of High School. Music is being composed by Yoshihiro Ike of Dororo and Tiger & Bunny.

Reiko Nagasawa and Toshiyuki Kanno are chief animation directors, with Nagasawa also doing the character designs. e-caesar is the art director, Hideki Ono is the 3D CG animation director, and Fumiyuki Go is the sound director.

People lucky enough to be at Shinjuu Piccadilly theater in Tokyo on September 26 will be given a preview of the first two episodes, with some members of the cast attending the event.

Would an anime coming from MAPPA and Madhouse about fighting monsters with music be something you’d want to check out?

Source: ANN


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