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This Season’s Cutest Anime Girls Are Scarier Than They Look

Don't let these cute anime girls fool you... they can be pretty scary.

As the spring anime season comes to a close, we prepare to say farewell to another long list of new anime girls. Some are tough, some are tsundere, and some are downright adorable. But it’s that last group you really have to look out for… because many of them are more trouble than they seem.

Here’s a trio of girls from this season’s new anime whose cuteness hides a surprise. They cultivate an adorable façade, hiding varying degrees of danger.


Hime Shiraki

Hime Shiraki

Compared to other anime girls this season, Hime from Yuri Is My Job! is downright tame. But that doesn’t mean she’s everything she seems. This adorable schoolgirl is beloved by all… well, by most… and she intends to keep it that way.

You see, Hime’s princess-like exterior is all an act. She’s a compulsive liar, and has no problem admitting this to her few close friends. But this carefully curated exterior can lead to problems, especially when the people around her are struggling to be honest themselves.


Sayuri Osanada

Sayuri Osanada

Rokudo’s Bad Girls is full of dangerous anime girls… it’s right there in the title. But one of the more surprising members of this group is Sayuri. While she may look small and cute, Sayuri is a fellow high schooler. Not only that, she’s the school’s biggest, most dangerous boss. This means she falls under Rokudo‘s blessing/curse: bad girls fall madly in love with him. Except this means he is Sayuri’s first crush.

This leads to an interesting side quest for Rokudo: he intends to shape Sayuri up. He believes she should have the chance to experience real first love, unaided by weird magic. If he does reform her, the effects will fade. Will he succeed? You’ll have to watch to find out!




In Magical Destroyers, anime girls fight to protect the otaku lifestyle. In particular, a trio of magical girls—Anarchy, Blue, and Pink—lead the charge under the command of Otaku Hero. Pink represents all things cute about otakudom: underground idols, maid cafés, and the like.

But this gibberish-talking masked magical girl has a secret… okay, it’s not a secret at all. She loves drugs. They’re the theme of her transformation and attacks. She drugs her compatriots when they first meet back up, taking them all into a combat mindscape. And when the time comes to power up… let’s just say she’s way more eager than her friends to bust open that ampoule.

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