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These Anime Powers Take Spring Series to the Next Level

These anime powers are unexpectedly next level!

The current season of anime is full of high magic and epic battles. But some of the most impressive anime powers don’t require ludicrous amounts of mana. In fact, some come from a very mundane place, or completely unexpectedly. But they’re still pretty intense, and make magical things happen.

These three abilities from the current spring season may not involve memorizing spells, but they’re still pretty huge. So read on to check out some of our favorite power-ups from currently airing shows!


Bad Girl Attraction

Rokudo's Bad Girls

While technically magical in nature, Rokudo’s anime powers are still out of his personal control. Thanks to his granddad, he receives a strange, ancient ability. What does it do? It makes bad girls like him. Rokudo’s Bad Girls sees a high school loser go from unpopular to hugely popular against his will.

On the one hand, this earns him the support of local gang members. On the other, he’s also learning the range of this ability. For example, if he wants a girl to fall out of love with him, she needs to become “good.” And he can assist with that. The attraction also serves as a radar. If a girl is suddenly falling all over him, she’s clearly up to something.


Acting “Sense”

World Dai Star

In media mix project World Dai Star, actors have evolved. Literally. As the stage became more and more crowded, some actors began developing “Senses”: superhuman abilities enabling them to perform above and beyond the abilities of a standard thespian. Some can read minds. Others can literally change their appearance. But new talent Kokona has one no one’s ever seen before.

You can tell when a Sense kicks in thanks to the actress’s glowing eyes. But you can’t necessarily tell what their special power is until it’s laid out for you specifically. This project explores Kokona’s unique ability, and what it means for her and her #1 cheerleader, the mysterious Shizuka.


Just Being Super Strong


In a world of over-the-top anime powers, Mash is just ridiculously hench. In fact, that’s the whole point of MASHLE: MAGIC AND MUSCLES. To make up for being born without magic—a punishable offense in this magical world—Mash has trained himself to ludicrous levels. It’s to a degree that his skills might as well be magic.

When Mash needs to fly on a broom, he just kicks his legs really fast to keep aloft. Need to magic open a lock? He breaks it. It seems there’s not much that can’t be solved by raw physical prowess and an affinity for cream puffs.

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