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Classic Anime Recommendations Based on Your Spring Faves

Missing your spring watches? Try these classic anime in the meantime!

Need a little something to watch before the summer season kicks in? Want something you can marathon at your own speed? We’ve got you covered… especially if you’re interested in brushing up on your classic anime.

Based on your spring faves, we’ve got recommendations that’ll take you back to some vintage titles. Give them a try while you kick back in the gap between spring and summer series! Which shows will you be watching?


Like Yuri Is My Job? Try Dear Brother

Dear Brother

It feels like the no-brainer recommendation for Yuri Is My Job! fans would be Maria Watches Over Us, since the parallels are so blatant. But we’re talking seriously classic anime. And as far as we’re concerned, it doesn’t get much more classic than Riyoko Ikeda’s Dear Brother (also released as Oniisama e…). Released as a manga in 1974, the shoujo drama was adapted into anime form in 1991. And it’s a must watch if you love those Totally Platonic Girls’ School Shows.

Much like Hime in the fictional story of Café Liebe, Dear Brother‘s Nakano finds herself unexpectedly recruited into an elite group in her new school. Initially intent on being liked and accepted (although far more genuinely innocent than Hime), Nakano finds herself pulled into the school’s complex love geometry.


Like A Galaxy Next Door? Watch Urusei Yatsura

Urusei Yatsura

Yes, we said “classic” anime. But Urusei Yatsura is a golden oldie far older than its modern (but still very fun) remake. While A Galaxy Next Door is much lighter and softer than this vintage Rumiko Takahashi piece, there are a lot of similarities that will hit home for fans.

Human gets engaged to alien after an engagement when he grabs part of her alien anatomy? Check. An otherworldly family with weird expectations? Check. But most importantly, both shows have a surprisingly sweet undercurrent of true love amidst the hijinks and misunderstandings. It’s a great watch if you want something like A Galaxy Next Door, but higher octane.


Like Hell’s Paradise? Watch Anything by Go Nagai

Devilman, a Go Nagai classic

Hell’s Paradise is a gorgeous, gory journey through an island made up of several religious traditions mashed together. The demonic monsters that roam the island are like something out of a cough syrup dream. All of this is starting to sound a lot like the work of Uncle Go.

Go Nagai is a trailblazer in the world of anime and manga. Devilman and its many remakes and spinoffs will hit especially well for Hell’s Paradise fans. But his monsters throughout his many titles—even shows like Mazinger Z and Cutie Honey—have that same fever dream aspect to them. And with more classic anime becoming accessible every day, more and more of his shows will be available to watch!

Looking for something different? Find an anime that matches your summer vacation vibe.

Kara Dennison

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