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The Story Behind the Epic D4DJ Ending Theme

D4DJ covers lots of tunes, including its ending theme

Bushiroad media mix project D4DJ specialized in DJ-style tunes and remixes, both in its game and its anime. Players will be able to play covers of iconic anime and game tunes — but anime viewers will also have heard a majorly cool cover!

The song “WOW WAR TONIGHT” brings together the hopeful performers of the series. But there’s a lot of history to the song. And this isn’t the first time someone’s made a cover!


The Origin

Long before D4DJ existed, the song was a hit. Composed by Tetsuya Komuro, “WOW WAR TONIGHT ~Get on Up Join Our Movement~” was first performed in 1995 by the musical group H Jungle with t. The lyrics reflect on good times in the past, and the desire to make a difference in the future while acknowledging difficulties along the way.

Multiple groups have covered the song in the 25 years since, enough that there’s an album of nothing but “WOW WAR TONIGHT” remixes! Cover artists prior to D4DJ include BENI, AAA, and AOA — the last of whom wrote new “girls’ version” lyrics.


Into Anime

“WOW WAR TONIGHT” is one of seven popular songs that made its way into D4DJ. At a special online concert, fans heard the girls of the series perform the hits. After that, these covers joined the game’s playlist.

In-series idol unit Scarlet Canary performs the song in episode 1, at a concert where the show’s young leads-to-be all hear the song and are enchanted by it. In fact, it’s this song that unites hopeful newbie DJ Rinku and her new friend Maho. Not only that, the cover serves as the ending for the new show!


More to Come

The girls of D4DJ First Mix

Tetsuya Komuro, the composer of “WOW WAR TONIGHT,” is more than happy with how things have turned out. In an official comment he acknowledges that the world has changed greatly since the song first premiered, but he’s happy to hear the girls of D4DJ performing it.

He adds that he would be interested in composing a new song specifically for them, in their style. Does that mean bigger and better things to come for the franchise’s soundtrack? We’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, D4DJ rocks on with a wide variety of tunes from the world of anime, games, rock, and pop. And you can watch it as it airs this season!

Kara Dennison

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