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The Slowpoke Bus is in Kagawa Prefecture This Summer

Slowpoke is staying busy as the Pokémon ambassador for Kagawa Prefecture! Previously Slowpoke graced its image on mail boxes and mail trucks in the area, and from July 2 until August 31 there is going to be a special Slowpoke bus!

The bus only goes between Marugame city and Takamatsu airport. On the outside of the bus you can see Slowpoke, Slowbro and Slowking. More designs are on the inside, as you can see here.

Slowpoke might sound like an odd name to attach to transportation, but Slowpoke is not the character’s original name. The original name in Japanese is Yadon, and Kagawa Prefecture is well-known for its udon, so the similarity of sounds is what got this Pokémon its ambassador role here. Part of Slowpoke’s role as ambassador is to get more tourism to the area, and people going to and from the airport will be treated to quite a ride.

Source: grape


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