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The Irregular at Magic High School Trailer Shows Off Next Arc

A 30-second trailer has dropped for the third season of The Irregular at Magic High School, specifically for the Ancient City Insurrection arc. In it you can also hear part of the new ending theme for the arc, which is titled “Shion no Hanataba o” (translated as “An Aster Bouquet”) and performed by ASCA.

The new season began in April, and it’s currently being streamed on Crunchyroll. It can be watched either subbed or dubbed.

The original light novels are released in America by Yen Press. The publisher gave this description for The Irregular at Magic High School, Vol. 14, which has the first part of the Ancient City Insurrection Arc:

Two months have passed since the nefarious events surrounding the latest Nine School Competition, and its cerebral counterpart, the Thesis Competition, is fast approaching. Helping out First High with the event, Tatsuya will surely have his work cut out for him even if everything goes according to plan. Of course, nothing ever does, which might explain the letter from Maya Yotsuba containing a curious request: to assist in the capture of Gongjin Zhou, one of the masterminds behind the recent Parasidoll incident. Tatsuya and Miyuki depart for Kyoto, where they’ll have to keep their wits about them to safely navigate the hidden schemes and shadowy conflicts that lurk just beneath the surface of the ancient capital!

Yen Press gave this description for the next book, which covers the rest of the arc:

Only a scant few weeks remain before the Thesis Competition, which becomes the perfect excuse for Tatsuya and Miyuki to scour Kyoto for the fugitive Gongjin Zhou. Together with Minoru Kudou, a Kyoto local, they comb the ancient city’s streets in what appears to be a fruitless search. Even though the clock is ticking, all their leads seem to go nowhere—until Tatsuya gets word that Mayumi’s bodyguard has turned up dead by the Katsura River. With new clues and new allies kicking the manhunt into high gear, the party quickly closes in on their quarry’s hideout, unaware of what lies in wait for them once they finally catch up…

The arc starts on May 31.

Source: ANN


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