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The End of an Era: ADV Films Shuts Down

It’s the end of another era in the industry, as A.D. Vision is officially shutting down and dispersing its assets across a few other companies. ADV Films has been, in previous years, as prominent a presence as FUNimation is today, once leading the anime industry in its overall output before slowly winding down toward its present state.

Portions of ADV’s film library, as well as other properties, are heading to AEsir Holdings, with home video distribution company SXION 23 taking over account servicing and distribution operations for AEsir’s assets. All of ADV’s Anime Network Television unit is going to Valkyrie Media Partners; their Amusement Park Media production unit to Seraphim Studios.

Those subscribing to the Anime Network should see no interruption in service, as it remains a separate entity. For a thorough account of everything ADV Films, I highly recommend checking out the source link below. I have fond memories of ADV myself, from the VHS days to present, so it’s sad to see them go. I’d like to take this time to dig up one of those old clamshell video cases, maybe Samurai Shodown, and clap it open and shut a few times in commemoration.

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