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Astro Boy Drama to Land on Japanese DVD

It’s been a long time coming, but now the original original Astro Boy adaptation is coming more or less intact to Japanese DVD. The show in question is a live-action drama that debuted four years prior to the legendary black & white anime, showcasing Mighty Atom‘s tricks of the trade via crude traditional effects.

The “more or less intact” bit comes into play because, while the majority of the 65 episodes survived, 7 of them did not. The 8-disc set, which has a limited, commemorative pressing of just one year, hits the streets of Japan on October 23rd (which is also when Imagi’s Astro Boy hits US theaters, 13 days after its Japanese premiere). Just look at Masato Segawa in the titular robot’s costume (and incredible hard-shelled hair) and try to tell me you don’t want to see at least a bit of the series.

Source [TV Life via ANN]