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Tamako Market Anime Celebrates 10th Anniversary in Japanese Theaters

tamako market

2023 kicked off with the announcement of a 10th anniversary project for Kyoto Animation’s Tamako Market anime, and the first aspect of that project has been revealed. The studio detailed plans to bring the series and its sequel movie to theaters for a weeklong screening, and fans in Japan will be able to catch the event starting on June 2 at Shinjuku Piccadilly, MOVIX Saitama, Namba Parks Cinema in Osaka and Midland Square Cinema in Nagoya.

Screenings will start with the first six episodes on day one, followed by the rest the following day and then the Tamako Love Story anime film the day after that. Special guests will be in attendance at the June 4 screening of Tamako Love Story at Shinjuku Piccadilly, including Tamako VA Aya Suzaki, Dera VA Takumi Yamazaki and Mochizo VA Atsushi Tamaru, who will take part in a cast talk. 

You can see a 10th anniversary illustration from Tamako Market character designer Yukiko Horiguchi at the top of the article. 

The series debuted on January 9, 2013. A sequel filmTamako Love Story, hit Japanese theaters in 2014. Both were directed by Naoko Yamada and written by Reiko Yoshida.

Here’s how Sentai Filmworks describes the series:

Growing up in a candy store is just a daydream for most kids, but for Tamako, it’s her real life. And, yes, most of the time it’s pretty sweet! Tamako gets to create new flavors, hang out with her friends and discover all kinds of ways to have fun. There are difficult parts, though, and one of them is figuring out her relationship with Mochizo, whose family runs a rival shop. Does she really like him or is she just experiencing a candy crush in Tamako Market?

Via Crunchyroll News