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Sword Art Online VR Game Calls For 200 Testers, Gets 100,000

As we reported a couple weeks back, IBM Japan is hard at work at bringing Sword Art Online to life with a virtual reality MMO called Sword Art Online: The Beginning.

Some more information and photos came out at an event this weekend, along with some not-so-surprising (but still pretty impressive) news about how many people want to get in on the alpha test.

Representatives from IBM showed off a few details about the game in an event held Sunday, showing a few screenshots of the town where the game begins and giving an explanation of the battle system.

Sword Art Online: The Beginning will use two computer systems developed by IBM called Cognitive System and SoftLayer to support the virtual reality world. Players will use their bodies, not controllers, to play the game.

Finally, about that alpha test: IBM Japan needs 200 people for the test, which takes place between March 18 and 20 in Tokyo, and got 100,000 applications, meaning each person entering had a one-in-500 chance of being selected.

Virtual it may be, but the desire to enter the world of Sword Art Online is very real.



Source: Dengeki Online

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