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Survey: Japanese Women Prefer Smooth Skinned Men — Like Bishonen


You might have noticed a certain aesthetic to how bishonen are usually portrayed in anime and manga, and that includes a penchant for the men being smooth-skinned. According to a new survey, this just matches up with Japanese women’s preferences.

Men’s Hair Removal Salon surveyed Japanese women (all twenty-somethings) about their thoughts on men having body hair removed.

93% of those surveyed gave the thumbs up. 2% gave the idea a thumbs down.

The survey also asked the women where they think men should be most keen on getting body hair removed. Chest and navel, the women said. This was followed by beards.

“When I see chest hair on a man I freak out,” one respondent said. “When I see it, my skin starts to tingle, and I feel really uncomfortable.”

Another opined, “I don’t mind so much if it’s just a little bit of hair, but I don’t like to see lots of hair on a man’s chest. If you have a really hairy chest, I think you should get the hair removed.”

What do you think? Are you also going for that smooth-skinned bishonen look?

Source: grape


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