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Sunday Blogwatch: Same Hat Retells “The Manga Story”

Whether you’re just sitting around trying to put things off until Monday, or perhaps waiting with party hat fixed atop your head for tonight’s Lost finale, I figure Sunday is always a good time for fresh reading material.

In that regard, one of the best blogs out there has you covered once again. Same Hat reprinted an early essay the other day by none other than renowned manga scholar/translator/author Frederik Schodt (Manga! Manga! The World of Japanese Comics, Dreamland Japan).

“Enter the Id,” part of “The Manga Story” series originally published in Viz’s single-issue editions of Mai, The Psychic Girl, is as wonderful a time capsule of the burgeoning US manga industry as one could ask for. It still remains remarkably informative despite its age and when taken in context of the time, especially for those new to the medium.

Check out the post here

Definitely bookmark their blog if you haven’t already!