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Pre-Game for Suicide Squad with These Super Watches

Need some super-action 'til Suicide Squad hits? Joker and Harley hear you.

It can’t just be us — the Suicide Squad hype is real right now. Between the amazing cast, the interesting choice of characters, and the James Gunn-ness of it all, we’re ready to party. But it’s still going to be a bit ’til we can see it. So we’re doing what we do best: digging into our favorite anime and tokusatsu takes on Western comics to tide us over!

Give these shows a hit to get you in a super-mood ’til the new film comes out. What else would you recommend?


Spider-Man (Toei)

Toei's Spider-Man has been making a major comeback

Ever since the upcoming Into the Spider-Verse sequel teased an appearance from the tokusatsu hero, more eyes than ever have been on Japan’s Spidey. First premiering in 1978, The Amazing Spider-Man was a very different take on the web-slinger. Now possessed of powers granted to him by an alien warrior from Planet Spider, biker Takuya fights the forces of Professor Monster. Oh, and he has a giant robot named Leopardon. That’s kind of the best part.

Suicide Squad may be a DC property, but this live-action hero is just wild and well-loved enough that we have to give him a spot on our list.


Batman Ninja

Batman Ninja

With the Joker fading into the background in this latest Suicide Squad take, we’re looking to a different depiction of him. Like, remember that time he and Batman traveled back in time and were ninjas and samurai? And the whole thing came from the guys who brought us JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Afro Samurai? Because we do.

Batman Ninja transports the heroes and villains of Gotham back in time to feudal Japan. Expect giant robots, ninjutsu, and awesome new costumes as justice is served in a whole new era.


Project A-ko

Project A-ko

Wait, what? Okay, hear us out. Project A-ko may not be an actual DC property, but this vintage series has… implications, shall we say? The real story, such as it is, is about schoolgirls A-ko and B-ko fighting over super-cute classmate C-ko. A-ko possesses superhuman strength; B-ko posses intelligence and lots of money. (Sound like anyone we know?) Also, there’s the whole thing about C-ko being a lost alien princess, but that’s beside the point.

In addition to the obvious Superman/Batman parallels of A-ko and B-ko, there’s a little info dump about A-ko’s family at the end. It’s more an Easter egg than a canonical fact, but it still caught our eye.

What’s on your watch list while you wait for Suicide Squad?

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