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Studio Behind Samurai Champloo and More Declares Bankruptcy

Hot on the heels of this season’s run of the Gangsta. anime comes some disappointing related news. The rumors had been churning for much of the week, but today it was officially confirmed that anime studio Manglobe filed for bankruptcy on Tuesday.

According to the Anime! Anime! Biz report, Manglobe—which has been responsible for series like Samurai Champloo, Hayate the Combat Butler, Samurai Flamenco, The World God Only Knows, and more—has been insolvent for a while and was working on clearing debts.

One of the last remaining projects was the upcoming Genocidal Organ film, one of the three Project Itoh adaptations in the works alongside Studio 4ºC’s Harmony and WIT Studio’s The Empire of Corpses. As a result of Manglobe’s situation, Genocidal Organ has been delayed from its original November 13 opening, and Harmony will take its slot in the meantime.

Via Anime News Network