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Studio 4ºC Animates Super Short Orion Film

Orion was one of my first exposures to Ghost in the Shell‘s Masamune Shirow, back when it was first published by Dark Horse. Now, the 1991 manga is finally being adapted into animated form, but not in the way one might expect.

Under the direction of Yasuhiro Aoki—who also directed Tweeny Witches and is perhaps best known for his contribution to the Batman: Gotham Knight anthology—Studio 4ºC has produced a 150-second animated film short based on Shirow’s manga. It’s set to be shown at Tokyo’s Short Shorts Film Festival on June 11 as part of Japan’s first 3D program.

According to the festival’s official page, Aoki and the folks at Studio 4ºC challenged themselves to turn traditional animation into 3D. Hopefully all two minutes and thirty seconds of Orion will eventually make their way over here, 3D specs and all.

Source [ANN]

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