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Strike the Blood FINAL OVA to Wrap Up the Series

strike the blood finalThere’s one more piece of the Strike the Blood OVA series on the way, with Strike the Blood FINAL set to wrap the series up as the fifth entry. The cast and staff from previous OVAs—director Hideyo Yamamoto, writer Hiroyuki Yoshino, character designer Keiichi Sano, and others—are back at anime production house CONNECT, and the official website went up with a new promo to get everyone appropriately pumped.

Gakuto Mikumo’s Strike the Blood novels first debuted in 2011, featuring illustrations by Manyako. The series came to an end with volume 22 last August, and it has inspired a manga adaptation in addition to the anime. Yen Press publishes both the light novel and manga in North America and outlines the story below.

He never asked for this power.

Kojou Akatsuki used to be an ordinary high school boy–but that wasbefore he became the Fourth Primogenitor, the most powerful vampire of all time. Worse–he doesn’t even remember how it happened. Middle schooler Yukina Himeragi, meanwhile, is the Attack Mage sent to observe him–and to stop him if he gets out of control. But was it really a good idea to send a cute girl to observe a massively powerful vampire boy whose abilities activate whenever he gets aroused? And on an artificial island populated with all manner of demonic individuals, each with their own designs on the Fourth Primogenitor–?!

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