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Stay Awake with Vitamin Tablets for Otaku!

Hello, everyone!

I have a bad habit of staying up late; reading manga, watching anime, playing games, writing articles for Otaku USA, working on my original manga, etc. Otaku life is very exhausting. I heard that you guys drink energy drinks in the U.S., but Japanese otaku take “Yofukashi Tablet” (Staying up tablet), a new product from “Moe Supplement” produced by Ateam, Inc.

The Yofukashi Tablet contains caffeine, amino-acids, vitamins, and glucose, and helps otaku enjoy the late night otaku lifestyle.

As you see, the packages are designed by famous illustrators Tenmaso and Yuki Azuma. Wait, there’s more! Each package comes with three trading cards! There are 54 kinds of trading cards, and if you are lucky, you may find “Super-Rare cards” with the autographs of the illustrators.

Since this tablet is developed for otaku, it is not available at a regular store. You have to go to Torano Ana, a store nationally known for otaku books and goods.

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