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Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness Embarks Upon a Vast Journey

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An epic sci-fi odyssey is underway with the arrival of the fifth installment in the acclaimed Star Ocean RPG series. Explore the vast reaches of space with Fidel and his companions as they take on strange monsters, extensive side-quests, and much more on a journey that can branch off toward multiple endings. A seamless world and limitless adventure are yours to embark upon in

available now on PlayStation 4. 

Spacedate, 537: The Pangalactic Federation has nearly fulfilled its mission to bring peace and order to the galaxy, but something sinister is brewing on the horizon. Six thousand light years from Earth, on a planet known as Faykreed, the embers of conflict are stoked once more, and it’s up to Fidel Camuze and an unlikely assortment of party members to put an end to this new threat. 

As the son of the country’s military advisor, Fidel feels a strong sense of honor and responsibility to use his skills to protect his people. Joining him along the way is childhood friend Miki Sauvester; elite soldier Victor Oakville; powerful signeturge Fiore Brunelli; rascally 41-year-old playboy Emmerson; quick and nimble cat-lover Anne; and the young, seemingly emotionless amnesiac Relia. They definitely make for a ragtag crew, but they’re able to battle enemies simultaneously, with each putting their own distinct fighting style on display.

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness takes place between the second and third games in the main Star Ocean series, Star Ocean: The Second Story and Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. The results are a Star Ocean experience like no other, leading into battles without a single loading screen or pause in the action. With a deep battle system, compelling characters, and an engrossing, branching storyline, you won’t want to miss out on

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