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Special Dictionaries Help You Name Your Characters

Hello, everyone! This is otaku and trend-watcher Yunmao Ayakawa! Today I will introduce you to wonderful dictionaries for anime, game, and manga artists.

As a creator myself, it’s always a challenge for me to come up with cool names for the characters. I need to do research on history, folklores, science, geography, and more to form ideas and images for the names. Naming Dictionaries for Characters will be helpful to all artists and authors!

The dictionaries include lots of characters names, origins of the names, and miscellaneous information that is helpful for naming your characters. They cover a wide range of mediums such as anime, manga, graphic novels, and gaming in multiple languages, including English!

Even if you are not an artist or author, the naming dictionaries will be fun to read. You can find your favorite characters’ names and the stories behind them!