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Sony Japan Studio Unveils Rain and Puppeteer Games

Quite a bit has been going on this week at the GamesCom 2012 event in Cologne, Germany, and Sony had an impressive showing yesterday. Among the titles were two original games developed by Sony Japan Studio, Rain and Puppeteer, both of which already show plenty of promise.

In Rain you play as a boy who is only visible, as you might have guessed, in the rain, making for an eerily melancholic vibe as he dashes about the drenched town. See him in action in the trailer below.

The Puppeteer has a much more upbeat, colorful look to it, as you take control of a boy who has been turned into a puppet. 2D platforming traverses puppet show-themed sets, and the boy aims to take on the demons who transformed him with a giant pair of scissors that cut up anything in his way.

Rain isn’t dated at the moment, but Puppeteer will be chewing up the scenery in 2013.