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Shonen Jump is Not Involved With Politicians Using Demon Slayer Imagery

Take a look at this poster for Japanese politicians Keisuke Mitsumoto and Hirofumi Yoshimura:

If you think the writing and the green and black checkered pattern is reminiscent of Demon Slayer, you’re not alone. The poster quickly went viral (which is probably what the politicians wanted) as people pointed out the similarities.

Weekly Shonen Jump, Demon Slayer’s publisher, has made it clear that they and the franchise have no involvement with the politicians. “We have seen a politician’s posters use Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba imagery, however neither Shueisha nor the Weekly Shonen Jump Editorial Department were in any way connected to it,” they tweeted, with a translation supplied by Anime News Network.

The politicians might want to keep in mind that other politicians are currently discussing where the line is drawn between common use and copyright infringement when it comes to cosplaying. In the future, might that include making posters stylized after a manga character’s clothes?

Source: Anime News Network


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