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Shikizakura Anime Reveals Ending Theme by May’n

shikizakura anime

When the Shikizakura anime makes its debut on TV in Japan this October, it will do so with an ending theme by May’n. The artist’s ED, appropriately titled “Shikizakura,” is also on display in a new promo that made its way online shortly after the premiere event at this weekend’s Anime Expo Lite 2021.

Vocaloid song creator and producer Kujiro wrote, composed, and arranged the song, which marks the first anime theme song for May’n in two years, since 2019’s Azur Lane OP. Check out a sample in the preview for the original anime below.

It was a year ago that we got a preview of the OP—Asaka’s “BELIEVE MYSELF”—and you can see it again below.

Source: Official website