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Sherlock Holmes Anime Holmes at Teramachi Sanjo Gets New Visual

If you drew a Venn diagram of Sherlock Holmes and anime fans, there’d be plenty of overlap. At least, that’s the feeling we get based on the excitement about the upcoming Holmes at Teramachi Sanjo, a series that transports the famous detective to Japan’s ancient capital.

The series premieres this July, and to build up the excitement, the official site has just released a new teaser visual.

The visual depicts main characters Kiyotaka Yagashira (right), the series’ Holmes-like mystery-solving boy, and Aoi Mashiro (left), Watson to Kaito’s Holmes, plus additional characters Akihito Kajiwara, Ensho and Rikyu Takiyama in the background. The shrine in the background is Yasaka, a real shrine in Gion, Kyoto.

The series is being directed by Noriyoshi Sasaki (My Wife is the Student Council President+!) and scripts are in the hands of Kenichi Yamashita (Actually, I Am…). Yosuke Ito (King’s Game) serves as character designer and chief animation director. It’ll be animated at studio Seven.

The first trailer for the series was revealed in April.

The original novels by Mai Mochizuki take place in Kyoto’s Teramachi Sanjo shopping district, and revolve about a pair of high school students who serve as each other’s Holmes and Watson, solving mysteries around town.

Source: Animate Times

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