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Sentai Filmworks Adds Knights of Sidonia Anime

The latest anime acquisition from Sentai Filmworks is none other than Knights of Sidonia, which made its English debut streaming on Netflix last summer. Sentai has a home video release planned for the series, with DVD and Blu-ray versions to be available soon.

Following the initial announcement, Sentai hit up its Twitter for a quick Q&A on the release. A rundown of the results includes the following: There will be a collector’s edition packed with exclusive content and other goodies; the release will feature the dub in 5.1 in addition to the 5.1 Japanese audio track; there will be exclusive “alternate angles,” sort of like a director’s cut for the episodes; and extras will include a look behind the scenes, as well as footage from the Knights of Sidonia creators’ Q&A panel in Japan and the Advanced Screening.

Other language/subtitle options will include a Spanish language track as well as Japanese 5.1 with English, Spanish, and French subtitles.  

Sentai’s synopsis:

A thousand years after the alien Gauna destroyed the Earth, a small remnant of humanity still fights on to survive, fleeing on the gargantuan asteroid-based spaceship Sidonia.  But centuries of flight and warfare have changed mankind in incredible ways: Genetic engineering has allowed humans to photosynthesize like plants, reproduction occurs through cloning, and a third gender has been created to balance the population. And, even though it’s been a century since the last encounter with the Gauna, military service is mandatory, with all those able enough enlisted to pilot the Garde robots that stand as Sidonia’s front line of defense.  For Nagate Tanikaze, whose grandfather secretly hid him in the forgotten bowels of the spaceship, it’s a strange new world as he’s forced to come to the surface and join the ranks of defenders.  Yet his recruitment comes just in time, for the Gauna have suddenly reappeared, and what could be man’s last battle will require every resource humanity has left.   And what no one knows, yet, is that Nagate is not exactly what he seems, and a secret buried in his past may change the fate of ll mankind in KNIGHTS OF SIDONIA!

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