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Sailor Moon School Uniform Variants We Love

Sailor Moon school uniforms are as varied as the heroines themselves

Sailor-style school uniforms are a major part of the aesthetic of Sailor MoonBesides being the heroines’ normal attire, they inspire their magical girl outfits. So it’s no surprise that Sailor Moon‘s school uniforms — the actual day-to-day ones — are memorable, too.

Several of the characters end up at the same school, but there are also variants among the group. These stray from the more standard designs seen at the core of the show. It’s not surprising, of course, considering how into fashion design Naoko Takeuchi, the manga’s creator, is.

We love every single design, but here are a few Sailor Moon school uniforms that catch our eye on the regular. And, as a bonus, we’ll direct you to a place where you can get each of them for yourself!


Rei Hino (T·A Academy for Girls)

Rei Hino's T·A Academy Uniform

One of the first Sailor Moon school uniform variants we see is sported by Rei Hino, resident shrine maiden and Pretty Guardian of fire and passion. Rei attends a girls’ academy separate from the rest of the cast, and her uniform shows just how set apart it is.

Rather than the standard blue and white, Rei’s uniform features shades of reds, greys, and earth tones. It also sports a monogrammed pocket and double rows of buttons in its winter iteration.

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Michiru Kaioh (Mugen Academy)

Michiru Kaioh and Haruka Tenoh's Gakuen Academy uniforms

Three of the Outer Guardians attend Mugen Academy: Haruka Tenoh, Michiru Kaioh, and Hotaru Tomoe. The Sailor Moon school uniform game changed up yet again, pairing crimson with green plaid with a dark collar and star for contrast.

The uniform’s bow and tie, incidentally, change based on grade level. So while Hotaru and Michiru share a look, we especially like the matching green bow and skirt Michiru gets at her higher grade level.

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Makoto Kino (school unknown)

Makoto Kino's previous school uniform

We don’t actually know where Makoto went to school before she came to Juban Public Middle School, but we do know this school uniform is an unsung hero of Sailor Moon fashion design.

In terms of color palette it’s pretty plain compared to others in the show. But we love the lace-up front and the cut and trim of the blouse. It’s still recognizably inspired by sailor suits, but with its own unique spin. As glad as we are to see Makoto matching the gang in Sailor Stars, we kind of missed this uniform when it finally went away.

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What Sailor Moon school uniforms do you like best? Which would you wear given the opportunity?

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