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According to Sailor Moon, All of These Things Are Inside You

Sailor Moon is full of magical items, and they're all in you

Sailor Moon is full of magic: outfits, history, powers, and items. And with the Eternal movies on their way to a Western release, we can see more of them in action after more than two decades. But have you ever stopped to take a count of all those crystals and seeds inside you?

Here are some of the things that, according to the hit magical girl show, are in you. And the forces of evil want these things. So you’d better keep a weather eye on your personal relics.


Dream Mirrors

Dream Mirror

If you dream at night, Sailor Moon says you might have one of these in you. Dream Mirrors represent (as the name suggests) our ability to dream. For us mere mortals, they have pink frames; but some, like Chibiusa, have Dream Mirrors framed in gold.

So what do the forces of evil want with our Dream Mirrors? In Sailor Moon, at least, the entity known as Pegasus is hiding in one of them. Extracting and looking into them will theoretically pinpoint his location. It’ll also cause horrific pain for the mirror’s owner.


Heart Crystals

Heart Crystal

In the original Sailor Moon manga, the alien villains known as the Death Busters went out to collect human souls. In the anime, they toned things down a little. Now the gang were after Heart Crystals: these cool-looking physical representations of… well, a human soul, probably.

Three Pure Heart Crystals exist, each of which contains an important Talisman. But there are a lot of Heart Crystals to go through, meaning a lot of people had their not-exactly-souls pulled out their chests. The side effects were, obviously, dire: the victim was weakened, possibly unconscious. And if they never got their Heart Crystal back? They were also dead. Again: a thing to guard carefully.


Star Seeds

Star Seed

So you’ve got your Heart Crystal, which is effectively your soul. You’ve got your Dream Mirror, which is your ability to dream. And then you’ve got your Star Seed, which is… again, kind of like your soul. But there’s at least something of a reason for the doubling up here.

In the original manga, only Sailor Guardians had “Star Seeds” (called Sailor Crystals). But, in another change from manga to anime, everyone has one. It’s just that the Guardians’ shine bright and eternal, and our last-season baddies want those. That means, again, humans are at risk of having their actual souls pulled out for investigation.

You’ll be able to see Dream Mirrors in action in the upcoming Sailor Moon Eternal films. In the meantime, keep a tight grip on your wallet, keys, and various internal soul visualizations.

Kara Dennison

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