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Saban Reacquires Rights to Power Rangers

I’ve seen equal parts rejoicing and bemoaning across the Internet since this was announced, so your mileage may vary. The news, straight and to the point, is that Saban has reclaimed their rights to the Power Rangers franchise, which has been in the hands of Disney until recently.

Part of the deal involves Saban working with Nickelodeon to broadcast 20 new episodes of the series (though I’m not sure which sentai iteration they’ll be sourcing at this time), with the show’s library of over 700 episodes set to air later this year on Nicktoons.

Though both Saban and Disney have handled the franchise in questionable ways from time to time, it should be interesting to see what Haim Saban and co. do with it this go around. As long as they don’t show the classic episodes with those horrid kitschy “ironic” post effects, they’ll already be on the right track.

Source [Variety]