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Rumiko Takahashi Explains How Much Work Goes into a Single Manga Chapter

After joining Twitter, Inuyasha mangaka Rumiko Takahashi shared her work schedule for a few days, revealing that she basically gets three-hour naps between pulling all-nighters. Since then she has shared more details on her schedule for doing a chapter of manga.

According to her, each new manga chapter begins with a talk with her editor that lasts several hours. After that doing the preliminary storyboarding takes about three days, and during this time she continues to communicate with her editor.

After the storyboard is mapped out and decided upon, she spends about two and a half days doing the actual art. She says that each page takes approximately an hour to create. During all this time she’s pulling all-nighters to get the chapter done. And this is what she’s been doing since 1978, only taking off one year from this heavy-duty work.

Source: SoraNews24


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