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Riki Takeuchi Pilots the “Love Machine”

Rest assured, this isn’t just the best thing you’ll see all day, it’s most likely the best thing you’ll see all week, maybe even beyond. Even if you’re unfamiliar with Riki Takeuchi—film/v-cinema legend and all around badass dude, you may have seen him in Battle Royale II or Takashi Miike’s Dead or Alive flicks—you’ll enjoy seeing him in the sparkling confines of his pop moniker, RIKI.

More specifically, you’ll enjoy watching him cover Morning Musume’s smash-hit 1999 single, “Love Machine.” Marvel at the pompadour on his vessel, the size of which would make the skull on Harlock’s Arcadia shed a tear and give up spacefaring all together. You can watch the original Morning Musume video for comparison via the source link below, but you might not need to after watching Riki redefine it for the world.

Source [Nippon Cinema]