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Right Stuf/Nozomi Announce First Remastered Utena Set

Something tells me I don’t need to “set up” Revolutionary Girl Utena for your average Otaku USA reader. Not only is it possible that you’ve seen the whole thing before, but it just might be your favorite show of all time.

And who could blame you? Utena is a fantastic piece of work, and the fine folks at RightStuf/Nozomi are making it available on DVD to all in June 2011. The shutdown of Central Park Media and Software Sculptors over two years ago kind of pushed Utena back into the black void of distribution limbo, but that’s all coming to an end at last.

The series will be spread out across three remastered sets, the first of which is up for pre-order. Be sure to check out the official site, where you can go ahead and put your claim on Saga 1, watch the trailer, and even submit questions to director Kunihiko Ikuhara.