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Crunchyroll Buys Right Stuf, Discontinues Erotica Sales

Last year (almost to the date), Sony’s Funimation Global Group acquired Crunchyroll, and the company continues to grow. It was revealed yesterday that Crunchyroll bought Right Stuf, a popular anime retailer that formed in 1987.

It’s supposed to be an extension of Crunchyroll’s eCommerce service. The amount of money involved for this purchase was not disclosed to the public.

“We are excited to announce that Right Stuf has joined the Crunchyroll family! Together, we’ll deliver new anime experiences and provide fans with a premiere anime shopping destination,” Right Stuf said on its website. “We remain customer-first and our commitment to customer service is unwavering! The Right Stuf shopping experience, ‘collectible’ level product packaging and best-in-class service you’ve come to expect will continue.”

Right Stuf also put up a Q & A on its site. Asked if this meant Right Stuf is shutting down, the company replied, “Right Stuf will remain open and ready to serve you with the best anime, manga, figures, and more!”

Asked if their web address will change, it answered, “Branding changes have not been determined at this time. No need to update any bookmarks!”

Another question was, “Will Crunchyroll subscribers get any discount on Right Stuf?” The answer: “Not yet but we are designing lots of new Crunchyroll subscriber benefits that will include Right Stuf! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter for the latest updates.”

However, there is one difference going forward that they acknowledge up front: Right Stuf is phasing out its erotica until it will be wiped clean from the site. Those materials will still be available, but they’ll be shuffled over to EroAnimeStore.com. If someone already bought erotica from Right Stuf and is waiting for delivery, this change does not affect them. Their materials will still be delivered. Pre-orders (erotica or otherwise) will also still be fulfilled.

What do you think about Crunchyroll buying Right Stuf?

Source: ANN, Right Stuf


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