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Results of One Piece Silhouette Teaser Kind of a Letdown

Remember when we posted about some mysterious silhouettes popping up on the One Piece website? The teaser seemed interesting at a glance, but the reality of the reveal is a bit of a disappointment.

Now that it’s August 3, we can see the results, which are here to promote the Japanese One Piece Log Collection DVD release and a stamp rally. The DVD starts collecting the Fishman Island Arc on August 28, and the promotional campaign includes large posters of the Straw Hats at various stations in Tokyo.

Fans can also take part in a stamp rally—which could potentially net them stickers and a collectible coaster while supplies last—with 5 participating Shibuya shops, including Tower Records, Shibuya Tatsuya, Animate Shibuya, Rakuten Café, and the One Piece Straw Hat Store. 

Source: Animeanime.jp via Crunchyroll