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Raise Godzilla or Destroy Cities with Him in These New Games

Godzilla vs. Kong has begun opening in some theaters around the globe, and TOHO is coming out with three new Godzilla video games to keep up the Godzilla love.

The first, Run Godzilla, actually lets you raise Godzilla. Just look at him grow!

The second, Godzilla Destruction, says, “Become Godzilla and crush cities underfoot! Step inside the monstrous body of the legendary Godzilla and terrorize all corners of the world!”

The third is Godzilla Battle Line and has this description: “Take on the world! 3-minute monster all star battles.”

The end of the video lists release months, though it acknowledges these are subject to change. Run Godzilla is out in America. Godzilla Destruction has a worldwide release in April, and Godzilla Battle Line has a worldwide release in May.

Source: YouTube


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