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Popular Character Rilakkuma Gets Netflix Short Series

If you’re a fan of cute Japanese stuff, you’ve no doubt encountered Rilakkuma, that bear who loves relaxing.

Now Rilakkuma is getting a short Netflix series that’s set to premiere in 2018.

The Rilakkuma series, which will celebrate the character’s 15th anniversary, will be made up of 13 11-minute episodes, and will be animated with “the world’s most cutting-edge” stop motion by studio Dwarf, who’ve previously done the stop motion for characters like Domo-kun.

The premise behind the Rilakkuma character (and the series, ostensibly) is that one day he just kind of shows up in the apartment of an office worker named Kaoru and proceeds to do very little. It’s not exactly high drama, but it sounds perfect for some cute 11-minute shorts.

A recent short by studio Dwarf.

Source: Otasuke via ANN

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