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Police Make Third Arrest In Love Live! Manhole Case

The Love Live! Sunshine!! manhole covers in Numazu, Japan are the gift that keeps on giving… just not in the way they were intended. The mere fact that sewer entrances would be used as place to un-ironically celebrate  idol anime was weird enough to make for an amusing story, when the project was crowdfunded by the Numazu’s government early this year. But then shortly after being installed, a wave of vandalism erupted in May, the city removed the manhole covers in response, and now through the summer, the vandals continue to be caught through their own stupidity.

On Wednesday, the Shizuoka Prefectural Police arrested 21-year-old University student Takahito Yamaguchi in connection with the vandalism case. According to police, he traveled to Numazu on June 5th to cover three of Numazu’s nine Love Live! manhole covers with spray paint. As with the previous two boys arrested, this would be a long way to go for such a prank, as Yamaguchi in Saitama prefecture 83 miles from Numazu. Police suspect that he had an unidentified accomplice of high school age.

Unlike the previous two suspects, Yamaguchi did not publicize footage of himself in the act, and police have yet to announce their evidence or a confession. So the suspect may not be guilty and it’s possible he could be cleared of the charges at a later date.

Numazu’s official website stated on Wednesday that city officials were aware of the arrest, and hopeful that the manhole covers can make a return after their repair later this year. Investigators continue trying to understand the motive for these crimes, which may be an exercise in futility.

Source: Anime News Network