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Love Live! Defacers Busted Via Self-Filmed Evidence

The plot thickens in the on-going saga of the Love Live Sunshine!! manhole covers in Numazu, Japan. Shortly after being installed in late May, many of the manhole covers were vandalized with spray paint. It was later announced that the city was removing the manhole covers in hopes of repairing them for an eventual comeback.

This week, it turns out that spray paint was not the only form of vandalism beset on the Love Live Sunshine!! manhole covers. A couple of teenage boys had filmed themselves scratching one of the manhole covers with a metal tool, and posted the footage to social media. The Shizuoka Prefectural Police’s juvenile and cyber crime sections were able to identify the boys and arrested them on July 2nd.

These kids must have really hated the characters on the manholes they defaced, because they traveled almost 100 miles from Saitama Prefecture to do it (roughly a three hour train ride). It has not been disclosed how much of the known vandalism they were responsible for; it’s possible they scratched other manholes and/or were involved in the spray-painting incidents. However, given Love Live!‘s penchant for inspiring bad behavior, it’s also entirely possible that there were more vandals involved working independently.

Source: SoraNews