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Pokémon Cards Are Back in US McDonald’s Happy Meals

McDonald’s in Japan is known for having otaku offerings, like with Demon Slayer, Lupin III, and One Piece. But right now McDonald’s here in the United States is offering up some otaku goods, too! Participating McDonald’s now have Pokémon Happy Meals until October 16.

For starters, Happy Meals will come in a special Pikachu box:

The toys given with the meal are for Match Battles. The official English Pokémon site explained:

This includes a special 4-card Pokémon TCG booster pack and a game coin featuring either Pikachu or a fan-favorite Pokémon from the Paldea region.

The cards found in the booster packs feature Pokémon including Pikachu, Sprigatito, Quaxly, Fuecoco, Klawf, Cetitan, and more. There are 15 cards to collect, so trade with your friends and see how many you can find!

The Happy Meal also includes a digital activity that’s accessible through a QR code on the Happy Meal box or at happymeal.com that lets you solve puzzles featuring some of the Pokémon you’ll find on the Pokémon TCG: Match Battle cards.

McDonald’s has worked with Pokémon before, both in America and in Japan. In Japan, for instance, they’ve offered special Pikachu themed foods, like the Sweets Trio Furuchu, the Chocolate Banana McFlurry in Pikachu cups, and the Hot Apple Custard Pie in Pikachu wrappings.

The McDonald’s US Twitter page also once geeked out over Final Fantasy VII for its 25th anniversary, sharing images and jokes.

While you’re in a Pokémon mood, you can also check out Otaku USA’s recent interview with Sarah Natochenny, a voice actress for the series. She plays a whole host of characters, including Ash Ketchum, whose voice she’s been providing for 17 years.

Happy Meals are aimed for kids, but with Pokémon cards and goods in the offering, it’s clear plenty of adults will be buying them as well!

Source: Pokémon


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