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Special Pikachu Food Coming to McDonald’s in Japan

McDonald’s is very popular in Japan, and their popularity might rise with the addition of three limited edition Pikachu food and container designs.

Together, the three items are referred to as “Sweets Trio Furuchu,” which is a play on the word Pikachu and the Japanese pronunciation of fruit, furutsu. The first item is a peach-flavored McShake, and the cup comes with different possible Pikachu looks.

The second item is Chocolate Banana McFlurry, which also comes with three different cups featuring Pikachu.

The final item is Hot Apple Custard Pie, which, you guessed it, has three different possible Pikachu designs on its wrapping.

The McShake will be around from June through part of July, and the other two items will come out in June and stick around till September.

Source: SoraNews24


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