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Earn Points for Poop With New Japanese Smartphone Game

Earn Points for Poop With New Japanese Smartphone GameJapan outdoes itself again. The latest Japanese invention to leave us gaping is a smartphone app that combines gaming with digestive health. The app is called UnColle, which combines unko, a Japanese word that translates to “poop,” with “collection.”

Here’s how it works: do your business, then open up the app and choose the color and shape that best describes your, uh, creation. Based on the Bristol stool scale, the app informs you how healthy your guts are. You can then use the “power of microbes” to fight baddies in RPG-style action.

The game, which is subtitled “A Colon Bacillus as Healthy Life” in English, bills itself as “an anthropomorphic gut flora game,” and features lots of cute characters to help you battle and improve your digestive health.

The game was created as way for doctors specializing in stool to get their message out to folks in a fun, informative way. It’s currently out, though the numbers of users is limited while the team builds out and tests it.

Making poop fun. What will Japan think up next?

Earn Points for Poop With New Japanese Smartphone Game

Source: Otakomu

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