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Phantasy Star Online 2 Manga is Now a Web Anime

phantasy star onlinePekeko is the author behind Phantasy Star Online 2 Comic, an official web manga that takes the audience through a more relaxed version of Sega’s Phantasy Star Online 2 MMORPG. Now it’s been turned into a web anime in Japan called Anime PSO2 Comi, with new episodes debuting every Tuesday on Youtube.

Director Yuuji Asawo adapts Pekeko’s original work, with Point Pictures on animation production. Amane + Beat Mario (COOL&CREATE) provide the theme song, “Ni Communication.” Here’s who’s playing who in the light and goofy adaptation:

Matarashi – Rui Tanabe
Tetra – Rie Hikisaka
Ichika – Aki Kanada
Zecht – Tomohiro Satou
Makino – Sayaka Senbongi

The series is currently just in Japanese, but you can still see a sample for yourself:

Fans can jot down and collect a special keyword in each episode of Anime PSO2 Comi, and the words can be entered into the game itself to earn credits.

Sources: Otasuke, MoCa via Crunchyroll