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Satoshi Kon’s Anime Thriller Perfect Blue Heads to Theaters for Rare Screenings

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The first film from the late, great Satoshi Kon (Paprika, Tokyo Godfathers) is coming back to theaters this month. The groundbreaking Perfect Blue will be presented in a brand-new digital transfer on the big screen for a special two-night event, with tickets available now for September 6 and 10 screenings in select cities.

perfect blue

Perfect Blue follows Mima, a pop star on the rise who decided to switch from singing to a career as a model and actress. Some of her fans aren’t ready to see her move on, though, and the stalking really gets sinister when Mima takes on a recurring role on a popular TV show. Next thing she knows her handlers and collaborators are turning up murdered, and her stalker is getting closer and closer to his real target.

Throughout all of this, visions of Mima’s former self begin to merge with the present, creating a tumultuous, fever-pitch blend of fantasy and reality. Satoshi Kon’s early work as a manga artist influenced the character designs in Perfect Blue, and they merge with his unrivaled directorial style to create a truly iconic film.

perfect blue

This rarely-screened gem is celebrating its 20th anniversary, so don’t miss the opportunity to check it out as it was meant to be seen. Secure your tickets today to see Perfect Blue subtitled on September 6 or dubbed on September 10 and find out why Satoshi Kon’s classic is considered one of the all-time great psychological thrillers.

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