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Peek Inside Osaka’s Pokémon Expo Gym

In the video games and anime, the Pokémon Gym is where you take your pet monsters to exercise. In (real life) Japan, the Pokémon Gym is now where you go to buy Pokémon merch. Something seems a bit lost in translation here; when you build a store to sell real animals, you call it a “pet store”, not “the dog park”.

Anyway…Nintendo has recently opened the Pokémon Expo Gym in Osaka. In addition to merchandise, it’s also got a bunch of (minimally athletic) Pokémon games and Pokémon-themed burger joint. Japanese website site Gigazine took some nice photos:

As for where to go in America if you want to exercise your pocket monster? Well, if Jay Leno worked for Otaku USA, he’d probably tell you that Paul Reubens has the best answer to that question. Badum-ching!

If all else fails, there is always the White House.

Source: Kotaku

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