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Otaku Worship in Session at Ryohoji Temple

Hello, moe and otaku fans in the U.S.A!  I would like to share this incredible story with you today. Japan is known for its tradition and history, and also anime. What if they are all combined together? Well, it has happened! Japan now has the world’s first Moe-Otaku temple, Ryohoji!

The temple has become famous because multi-talented singer, voice actress and artist Toromi designed their sign that features Bensaiten, the goddess of entertainment in the perfect likeness of herself.

Amazingly, this temple was founded in 1489 and moved to its current location in Hachiouji Hiyoshi-cho in 1590. This temple is cool because they released a web-based social game in November 2012, and in the first 10 days of the release, downloads topped the 50,000 mark, and even now the game enjoys many fans. The temple created the Moe-signboard and a game in order to inform young people of the temple.

Working with local events, the temple will be holding exhibitions with various games and will host a maid café for the occasion.

This would be the best place to learn traditional and pop culture in the same place! Everyone, let’s go!

Ryohoji Theme Song

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