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Otaku Tuesdays Vol. III Rap Album Released

What do you get when you mix anime with rap? You get the musical stylings of Richie Branson, AKA Otaku King. The latest installment in his Otaku Tuesdays series of albums was released yesterday and it does not disappoint.

Otaku Tuesdays Vol. III has songs about the biggest anime of the last two years plus a few older favorites. My favorite is his Attack on Titan track titled “Against the Wall,” which puts Branson in the role of a Titanshifter plotting against humanity. Other than that the album has songs based on Fist of the North Star, Sword Art Online, One Piece, Kill La Kill, Hunter x Hunter and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. In addition to all of these rap songs about anime, he also has the latest version of his signature “Otaku King” anthem. He starts the song by showing off his composing skills with an orchestral prelude that leads into the rap.

This album is different than his other Otaku Tuesdays volumes in that he released the instrumentals to some of the songs and has been collaborating with fans for months now. No word on exactly when we’ll be able to listen to the results of this, but it will be soon.

If you were paying close attention to Toonami’s revival back in 2012, then you’ve probably heard Richie Branson’s songs “Bring Back Toonami” and “Toonami’s Back, Bitches” play on Adult Swim. Since then he’s released plenty of music, including From Guardia With Love, a tribute album to Chrono Trigger. He then donated all of the proceeds from the album to charity.

You can download the entire album here for free (warning: some songs contain explicit lyrics). Which track is your favorite? Which anime do you want to hear a rap about next? Let us know in the comments!