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Otakon Asking For Donations So They Don’t Have to Close Down


Otakon, a Washington, D.C.-based anime convention that boasts in or around 30,000 attendants a year, is struggling because of COVID-19.

Brooke Zerrlaut, who is the president of Otakorp, the organization that puts on Otakon, said this in a newsletter:

“We use the proceeds from each year to plan the next Otakon and make sure we survive until then. So without the income from Otakon 2020, and the early pre-registrations we would normally see at this time of year, we are in a very precarious position. Put simply, in the next few months we will have to make a decision to continue planning for Otakon 2021, or potentially close our doors forever.”

Last year their convention turned into a virtual event, and they’re still hoping they can pull off a convention this year. Their site now has a donation page where fans can help keep the con going.

Source: Anime News Network


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