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One Piece Anime Prepares Return to Manga Storyline

Thanks to the August issue of Newtype magazine we now know when to expect the One Piece anime adaptation’s return to Eiichiro Oda’s manga storyline. The Silver Mine arc will wrap its story up next week, and then the Zou arc officially kicks off on July 31 after a one-week hiatus.

Here’s the upcoming schedule, starting with the episode that aired Sunday morning in Japan, from One Piece Podcast:

Silver Mine arc:

July 10 – One Piece Episode 749: 「剣技白熱 ロー・ゾロ遂に見参!」
“The Sword Technique Heats Up – Law and Zoro Finally Appear!”

  • Screenplay: 「米村正二」 Shōji Yonemura
  • Episode director: 「藤田健太郎」Kentaro Fujita
  • Storyboard: 「藤田健太郎」Kentaro Fujita
  • Animation director: 「高木雅之」 Masayuki Takagi

July 17 – One Piece Episode 750: 「絶対絶命 ルフィ極限の灼熱決戦」 [FINALE]
“A Desperate Situation – Luffy’s Extreme Scorching Battle”

  • Screenplay: 「田中仁」 Hitoshi Tanaka
  • Episode director: 「上田芳裕」 Yoshihiro Ueda
  • Storyboard: 「上田芳裕」 Yoshihiro Ueda
  • Animation director: 「出口としお」 Toshio Deguchi

July 24 – Hiatus

Zou anime arc:

July 31 – One Piece Episode 751: 「冒険開幕 幻の島「ゾウ」到着!」 [PREMIERE]
“The Start of a New Adventure – Arrival at the Mysterious Island, ‘Zou’”

  • Screenplay: 「中山智博」 Tomohiro Nakayama
  • Episode director: 「所勝美」 Katsumi Tokoro
  • Storyboard: 「所勝美」 Katsumi Tokoro
  • Animation director: 「新垣重文」 Shigefumi Shingaki

August 7 – One Piece Episode 752: 「新七武海 伝説白ひげの息子登場」
“The New Warlord – Son of the Legendary Whitebeard Arrives”

  • Screenplay: 「冨岡淳広」 Atsuhiro Tomioka
  • Episode director: 「えんどうてつや」 Tetsuya Endō
  • Storyboard: 「えんどうてつや」 Tetsuya Endō
  • Animation director: 「五十内裕輔」 Yūsuke Isōchi

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