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One in Four Anime Studios in the Red, Says Report

Despite a rise in the number of anime titles and overall industry profits, one out of four anime studios is experiencing net losses, according to a Japanese television report.

That surprising figure was featured on an episode of Oikonomiya, a show on Japanese broadcaster NHK, which delved into the current state of the anime industry.

The number of studios in the red increased to just over 25% percent in 2015, according to the program, after hovering around 20% between 2011-2014.

The episode also featured residents of the Tokyo Animator Dormitory, who spoke to host Naoki Matayoshi about the financial problems faced by young animators. Numbers discussed: 80% of animators quit within their first three years, and average wages for an in-between animator come out to about ¥60,000 ($540) a month.

Perhaps the most explosive number: animator Tetsuya Akutsu revealed he had once spent five hours on a frame for which he was paid ¥200 (under $2).

Source: Yaraon