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Official Piccolo Cape is All You Need to Be a Namekian Hero

piccolo cape

Do you fancy yourself a Namekian hero, or perhaps the true father figure to Gohan? Maybe you just appreciate Piccolo from Dragon Ball for everything he brings to the table. Whatever the case may be, you can now show that appreciation in style thanks to an official Piccolo cape, which is currently being offered via a raffle campaign on the official Dragon Ball Japanese social media accounts.

The cape measures 145cm in length and 110cm in width with the extending shoulder pads included. Honestly, you could wear this and put zero effort into the rest of your outfit and come out looking pretty awesome. 

The cape campaign was revealed on May 9, which is known as Goku Day. It’s also the day Piccolo declared he conquered Earth, so it works both ways. The raffle campaign is available to those who follow the official account and retweet the above, and ends on May 15, but unfortunately it’s limited to those who live and have an address in Japan.

Via Hypebeast